Tax Return Service

Tax Return Service

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We have a range of tax services for Canadian citizens and residents. We’ll provide you with a free tax refund estimation and file your tax return.

  • The right service for you
    Single? Common-law partner? Homeowner? Self Employed? No matter what your circumstances, we can look after your tax return
  • Consideration of tax deductions and credits
    We’ll review your circumstances and check that you are availing of all applicable tax relief.
  • Free tax refund calculation
    Our free tax refund calculator provides an instant refund estimation
  • Online tracking
    We’ll provide your with access to our secure online Tax Tracker so you review the progress on your tax return
  • Audit assistance
    If your case is audited, we can deal with the CRA on your behalf at no extra cost
  • Tax return amendments
    If your tax return has been filed incorrectly, we can review and amend your tax return

We have a choice of tax services for Canadian citizens and residents so we're sure to have the solution that's right for you.

Filing a tax return every year might seem like a hassle, but there are two very good reasons you should:

  • First, you have to file a tax return by law, and
  • Second, by filing one, you’ll also be checking if you’re due a tax refund.

That doesn’t do anything to reduce the stress of getting all your documents together and trying to figure out how to file a Canadian tax return. That’s where we come in. We file tax returns for thousands of residents every year so you can trust that we’re the experts in Canadian tax return filing.